A Swan Themed Baby Shower

I don’t think there is a more joyful occasion to celebrate than a baby shower or sprinkle.  My sister, Krystal Schlegel Davis, is expecting her second baby very soon and a small group of her sweet friends joined my sister and I as hosts of her “sprinkle!”  A sprinkle is a fun way to celebrate a mother who is expecting a baby – but not for the first time!  Traditionally, a baby shower is for a first time mother to help her collect the extensive list of infant items that a home needs when a new baby arrives. From clothing to car seats, a growing family can be overwhelmed by the long list of additions!  A Sprinkle is a fun way to celebrate a new baby that isn’t the first!  My sister was not able to have a baby shower because of pandemic lockdown measures that were in place during her first pregnancy so we were so excited to sprinkle her this time!

We decided on a swan theme as they symbolize grace, beauty and love.  They seem like a wonderful representation of my sister and what a terrific mother she already is to her first born and will be to her second!  I started to look around and collect as many vintage swan pieces as I could find.  I’ve linked a few at the bottom of this post if you are interested in adding to your own collection.  My mother found some wonderful little crystal swans that we filled with pink and white Jordan Almonds too!  I ordered several of the sweetest swans from For Pete’s Sake Pottery.  Sadly, these are not pictured here as the ice storm in Dallas prevented them from being delivered on time but I know I will use them again! I also pulled out the charming and sweet swans that I used at Christmastime from Mrs. Alice.  

I dropped my collection of vintage swans off at Cebolla Fine Flowers and they filled them up with lovely florals that suited the occasion.  One of the other hostesses arranged for balloon swans from The Balloon God and another ordered darling cookie party favors from Highland Park Pie Lady.

The buffet lunch was lovely and the time with friends was really special.  It felt great to gather and sprinkle my sister with love!

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