A Loving Table


It is official!   A Loving Table is now available!  It feels so wonderful to be able to share the traditions of the 34 tastemakers included in the book.  I just can’t thank everyone who played a role in this book enough.  It took a bit longer than my co-author, Shelley Johnstone, and I expected and there were unexpected challenges along the way (like a pandemic!) but we will be celebrating together at our first book signing!

Below is a list of the amazing ladies who are featured in the book:

Alessandra Branca

Allison Speer

Annabelle Moehlmann

Ariel Okin

Bettie Pardee

Capucine Gooding

Cristina Lynch

Clary Bosbyshell

Dara Caponigro

Diana de Cadaval d’Orleans

Emily Hertz

Filipa de Abreu

Fruzsina Keehn

Jan Showers

Jessica Nowitzki

Julie Neill

Lisa Fine

Marcia French

Maura Kent

Megan Stokes

Nam Mitchell

Natalie Steen

Stephanie Shafran Booth

Jamie O’Banion

Penny Morrison

Chesie Breen

Kim Hersov

Orlene Paxson

Gwen Langley

Ann Ittoop

Sharon Lee

Cathy Kincade

A special thank you goes to Mark Sikes for writing our forward.

I hope you love the book as much as Shelley and I loved putting it together.

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