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Living in America: Eating Together Again

I’m honored to be included in Traditional Home’s panel discussion today about one of the few silver linings that our safe-at-home time has blessed us with.  I hope you will join us!  Please reply to and join us! xo, Kimberly

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Friday Favorites – Summer is Starting!

It’s official – our house is on the market and that means I have been busy cleaning it up!  I’m loving these tips from Oprah’s Clean House Guru, Peter Walsh, for organizing all of the clutter I am putting away so that it shows well.  I want it to look as clean as it did…

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I Heart Blue and White – Our Master Bedroom

I thought it might be fun to share a few images from our home with you!  I wanted you to see how I live with Blue and White:   Designer Jan Showers helped us select the perfect shade of pale blue for our bedroom.  She also designed the canopy to cover up two awkward windows on…

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