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Tartan Time

Thanksgiving is officially over and it is time to pull out your tartan!  Just pulling out my plaid classics puts me in the holiday season. I’ve gathered together some of my favorite on-line tartan finds for this holiday season and there is something for everyone from your pets to your handsome dates!

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Little White Dress

There is really nothing as easy and elegant as a little white dress to beat the heat.  I’ve rounded up over 35 of my favorites here starting at less than $25! Click on the images below to shop your favorites…

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Round-Up: Lanterns

I’m preparing for a party at my home next week to welcome my sister’s wedding guests from out of town to Texas.  I love being able to open the doors to our backyard for an evening cocktail but I have loads of little steps here and there that need to be navigated.  My favorite alfresco…

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