Checklist for a great Easter Basket


If you have been a reader for any time at all, you have read all about Easter being my favorite holiday!  I love filling the setting the table, planning the egg hunt and filling up baskets full of surprises.  A great Easter Basket has a wide variety of treats to make the recipient smile.  I’ve put a few suggestions together here!  Start with a great basket that is sized appropriately for the gifts you want to give.  For a little one, you might want to keep it small but we like to go “grand” at Easter and ordered these amazing Amish Baskets that are heirloom quality and are designed to last year after year.  Imaging all of the great uses that these baskets will have throughout the year and the darling brass plaque labels everyone’s name.


Anchor gift – The anchor gift doesn’t need to be the most expensive, just large enough to fill the center of the basket in a substantial way.  For my teenager, we often add a cool pair of athletic shoes in a spring color.  He always has a list of shoes he is after!  For the eight year olds, it is typically a piece of sports equipment like a new softball glove or soccer ball.  For the babies and toddlers, a large “lovie” always does the trick.  For the active children, like my five year old nephew Teddy, these foam mania toys are


Books – I love to add a book or two and picking them out for every age is so much fun!  I love these classics that my sister stocks at her shop, JoJo Mommy for the little ones.   I have included a few recommendations for the teens and tweens too!


Game or puzzle –  It is always great to add something that gets them off their devices on exercising their brains! For the older children, a board game or card game is always great. These fascinating CMY Cubes are popular with every age group! This year, the little ones are all hoping for some kind of fidget toy!  I love these!



Crafty or creative –  Even as an adult, I love getting some new office supplies!  Millie and her second grade classmates are really into these mini plush craft kits.  These darling beading kits from Michaels are the perfect treat buy you can’t go wrong with a sketch book and a new set of crayons either!


An Heirloom piece – Finally, we love to add something that will last a lifetime. We have always added a sugar diorama egg, personalized egg from Camille’s Creations that serves as a place card for our meal and sometimes a little charm for the girls, like this one from James Avery. 

Photography by John Cain Sargent


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