January Favorites

-I’m such a book fiend and I am constantly having to edit my library as I can not stop adding to my collection.  Of all of the books I have ever owned, I think Color Scheme: An Irreverent History of Art and Pop Culture in Color Palettes by Edith Young has been the most FUN!  As an art history major, I spent a great deal of time analyzing and learning about pigments and palettes but this book has me looking at color both in art and in my every day life in a new way.  Every library or coffee table needs a copy of Color Scheme!

-I’m crazy about anything and everything from LAKE Pajama but the PJ and Robe set they sent me before Christmas has taken my love for LAKE to new levels.  They sent my children co-ordinating PJs and my teenage son has been converted! He went from falling asleep in a tee and shorts to changing in to his LAKE pajama pants and tee every night.  He loves how “heavy” they are.  I’m thrilled because I’m re-reading Present Over Perfect and she writes that that dressing for the occasion, whether it is sleeping, working or exercising, helps our brain delineate what our body should be doing.  For a family that needs help with sleep, that is huge!

-We are already preparing to help you add some romance to your table over on ShopKSW.  Check out our Valentine’s Day Collection and don’t miss out on what has been one of the most popular items ever sold on our site, Hershey’s Kiss shaped Salt and Pepper shakers!

-I’m very excited about the upcoming Dillard’s Collaboration with Born on Fifth’s Emily Hertz.  They have put a fantastic collection together and I have samples of the table linens and a dress.  The quality of both is very impressive and I can’t wait to share images with you. The collection launches on the 22nd of January.  More to come on this!

-I spend a lot of time at the hockey rink and it is COLD inside!  I haven’t found a solution for the unusual odors (IYKYK) but I have found the perfect solution for the chill!  Of course, I always dress warm but even jeans, boots, and a puffer jacket are not always enough.  When the founders of MOZY reached out, I was excited to give their wrap around blanket with velcro fastener a try and I’m so glad that I did.  It is fabulous!  They even sent me a few hockey patches to add on!  If you find yourself in chilly situations in the bleachers, on a ski holiday or on the sides lines, order a MOZY!  You will love it!


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