2022 NorthPark Ambassadors Announced

I’m thrilled to kick off 2022 with an announcement of a new class of NorthPark Ambassadors.  Every year of this programs brings new ideas and wonderful new Ambassadors who are selected for their contribution to the community and to helping those in need.  Each Ambassador selects a non-profit to represent and, throughout the year, NorthPark partners with them to help bring awareness and raise funds.  I am honored to be the chair of this wonderful program for the last five years.  Click here to read more about this years wonderful partners. 

This year, I have selected Children’s Health which has been a long time beneficiary of NorthPark programs.  I love the work that they do for children and their families. Thank you to Zimmermann and Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark for dressing me for the Ambassador photoshoot!

Makeup and hair by LB Rosser.

Photography by Justin Clemons.


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