Gratitude – A Thank You Note a Day!


It is the time of year to gather together and share our gratitude for all of the things we have to be grateful for.  My family has always made a point to go around the table and share a few things that we are thankful for at Thanksgiving but it is also something I try to do on a daily basis!

I like to start my time at my desk every day with a note of thanks to someone that I feel especially appreciative of.  Sometimes the note is for a gift or to a host but other times it is just someone I am thinking of that day.

I started out my daily gratitude practice by following Oprah’s advice and keeping a gratitude journal and it was wonderful at the beginning but a few weeks in, I found myself listing the same things over and over again:  my family, my home, the food before me, my work, etc. I also started to ask myself why I was keeping these things tucked away in a private journal?  Isn’t the whole point of expressing gratitude to share it with others?

That is when I started to send a note of thanks instead of hiding my gratitude away in my journal.  I have found that receiving “snail mail” is filled with extra joy these days as it has become so rare but there is nothing wrong with sending a digital message instead.  A kind email, short text or encouraging DM can have the same effect.

Many people tell me that they have a hard time writing notes so I’m sharing this simple tried and true 3-3-3 formula that makes it easy.  Remember, the more often you do something, the easier it becomes so start writing Thank You Notes today and in a few weeks, it will be second nature!

1. It should only take THREE minutes to write a Thank You Note.
Always mention the gift, how it will be used and then end with the hope that you will see each other soon or work together soon, etc. Always be appropriate to the person you are writing to and the situation but make it personal.
2. A Thank You Note should only take THREE lines!
This does not include the salutation (Dear Kelly) or the closing (My best, Kimberly).
3. You should send it out in THREE days!
Your goal should always be so send a note out within three days of receipt of the gift. Of course, this often doesn’t happen. A thank you note is always appropriate so even if months have passed, write a note anyway!
Here is a sample of an easy but well done Thank You Note:
Dear Friend,
Thank you so much for including me in your beautiful dinner last night. From the food to the wonderful company, every detail was thought through. It was such a treat to get to have fun at your home with friends and I look forward to future celebrations with you.
My best,
Most importantly, the best notes sound personal and show your personality so don’t get stuck in trying to sound formal.  Simply write down what you would say if you were speaking to your friend.

The 3-3-3 formula was shared with me many years ago by an etiquette expert, Colleen Richenbacker.  I’ve adapted them over the years to make them work for me and I hope you will do the same!  Let’s keep sending our gratitude and spreading the love!

The stationery shown here is by Bell’Invito, a brand I love!  They were a gift from the founder who has been so supportive of many wonderful Dallas area non-profits so I send her my appreciation and gratitude!  If you are looking for new stationery to write your notes on, please reach out to them!

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