Your Author Story – 10 Questions with John Phifer Marrs

Dinner parties at Michelle Nussbaumer’s home are always memorable but one memory that espeically makes me smile this Fall was a conversation with John Phifer Marrs.  The dinner was hosted by AD and included so many stylish Dallasites, John among them.  He pulled me to the side and asked me about working with Gibbs Smith Publishers.  He had a book contract on his desk and he was very excited about the opprotunity.  I encouraged him and told him about how wonderful my experiences have been with the Gibbs Smith team.  Fast forward a few years and a pandemic and his book is finally here!  Interiors for Collectors is full of John’s thoughtful experiences with the joy of collecting and living beautifully with your collections.

John Phifer Marrs’s interiors reflect his southern roots and combine a sense of the past with comfort and convenience. He is a joy to be around and a talented designer with an eye for classical details.  John has been very busy entertaining his A-list clients and creating magical interiors in Texas, across the the United States and in Europe and Central America. His projects include major residences, vacation homes, executive offices and even the official residence of a United States Ambassador!

John’s many leadership roles include past Texas Chapter President of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and past Chairman of the ASID Dallas Association. After two terms on their Professional Advisory Board, John currently services on the Capital Campaign Committee for the Fay Jones School of Architecture.  John is one of the few North Texas designers to be named a “D-Home” Best Designer for 17 years running.

John’s work has been regularly featured in local and national publications including “D Home”, “Traditional Home” and the venerable “Architectural Digest.”  John’s book from Gibbs – Smith, Interiors for Collectors, is out now!

Here is John’s Author Story:

What inspired you to write your book? All the wonderful clients over the years who were collectors and enjoyed living with their collections

  1. What do you hope people take from your book? Make the most of your collections….whatever they are…..organize and display them in the most attractive way possible……special cabinets, walls of custom built-ins or antique furniture pieces…..
  2. How did you get your first book published? I created an example of how I wanted my book to look….a mock up with photos and sample chapters.
  3. Where do you write? Usually at my office in Dallas…..sometimes at my dining table at the lake house where it is more quite and relaxing
  4. What did you learn from this project? How lucky I am to have had so many great design projects involving the design and display of special collections… room….or entire additions
  5. Who did you dedicate this book to and why? I actually didn’t dedicate it to one person because there are so many that made it possible….my great staff, the wonderful photographers, artists, craftspeople…..and especially my clients!
  6. Is there anything you have published that you would like to “un-publish?” not that I can think of….most hit the shredder long before the publisher!
  7. What advice would you give to an aspiring author? Have a clear concept of what you want your book to be about and how you want it to look.
  8. Who are your favorite authors? David Sedaris, the late Julia Reed, Fran Lebowitz
  9. How do you reward yourself when you finish a book? A martini, of course….with a lot of “ice on the pond”

You can meet John during Texas Design Week.

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