Your Author Story – 10 Questions with Summer Nilsson

I’m so excited to have ten questions with Author Summer Nilsson.  Summer is a seasoned CEO, consultant, entrepreneur and marketing veteran who has represented some of the biggest names in publishing, fashion and arts including People, Who What Wear, Food Network Magazine, House Beautiful, and many more. She is the founder and CEO of Loodor and the author of The Land of the Pines.

In her debut novel, author Summer Nilsson takes readers on a journey of discovering identity and the gift of empathy. Lush illustrations capture the magic found in the piney woods of Nilsson’s East Texas hometown and bring the cast of creatures vividly to life. The Land of the Pines is a thought-provoking fantasy tale of friendship and fortitude, sure to capture imaginations among all ages.
Your Author Story is a series of questions that I get asked most often at book signings.  I decided to ask these same questions to authors I admire.
Here are ten questions with Summer Nilsson:
  1. What inspired you to write your book? I spent years developing the skillset to overcome mind chatter and imposter syndrome. When I began to recognize insecurities in my nieces as a result of social media, I tried to share the lessons that I had learned. I quickly realized that I needed a new way to discuss self-worth without losing their attention. The central theme of The Land of the Pines is identity. I pose the question: “Hoo” are you? In my experience, this answer is ever-changing and relevant regardless of age. I wrote The Land of the Pines to plant the seed for dialogue. I hope to help younger generations see that often the biggest limitation in life is that which we impose on ourselves with a fear of failure.
  2. What do you hope people take from your book? I want to inspire readers to become their best and most authentic selves. I hope to spread a message of positivity and reinforce the importance of kindness and confidence. You never know the impact you will make in someone’s life through basic kindness. I hope to instill this mindset and encourage readers to live life with intention and empathy.
  3. How did you get the first book published? I am an entrepreneur at heart, so I wanted to maintain creative control over the initial brand identity of the Loodor Tales series. I knew exactly how I wanted Grey the Kitten to appear. For that reason, I formed an independent imprint under the Loodor parent company and secured a distributor to get the first book published.
  4. Where do you write? Everywhere. Certainly, at my desk, but I find the most inspiration when sitting outside in nature. Strangely, some of my best ideas also come when I’m driving. I keep a recorder in my car for that reason.
  5. What did you learn from this project? Patience, perseverance and perspective. I’ve been in the publishing industry for 20+ years, having represented brands ranging from People to Food Network Magazine to Who What Wear. That said, publishing The Land of the Pines was a totally different experience. As the author, this was far more personal in every way. Art is always subjective, and I have a much deeper respect for the emotional toll it takes on the creator.
  6. Who did you dedicate this book to and why? The Land of the Pines was dedicated to my nieces and nephew. In fact, I included my nieces in every aspect of the creating the Loodor Tales and The Land of the Pines. Together, we decided on the logo, book illustrations, color palette, etc. I wanted them to participate and understand that with hard work, an idea could grow into a much bigger purpose. In sharing this experience, my hope was that they, too, would feel empowered to nourish their creativity and pursue their dreams.
  7. Is there anything you have published that you would like to “un-publish?” No. I’ve always tried to approach publishing through a lens of positivity, family, friends and personal interests. I think it’s important to set an example for kids that what we publish in a digital world is permanent.
  8. What advice would you give to an aspiring author? Write everything down. Every idea, fragment, visual, inspiration, moment and memory. Follow your gut and tell the story as you see it.
  9. Who is your favorite author? Eckhart Tolle
  10. How do you reward yourself when you finish a book? I pour a drink and start the next book.


You can meet Summer and get autographed copies of her book at Interabang Books in Dallas on August 31st at 6:00 pm.  Follow Summer on Instagram for more book signings and events.

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