Celebrate Eight!

She wanted ONE thing for her birthday: A sleepover!  Our daughter Millie is turning 8 next week and to celebrate, she had only one request: a few friends, swimming, a movie night and a sleepover!  Because it was the first sleepover for many of the girls, we decided to give the guests the option of staying late or sleeping over.  Of course, all of the little ones wanted to sleep over!  (We did make one call around 11pm and another the next morning at 7am to parents who came a bit early for pick up.)

As I started to research some little ways that we could make the evening extra special, I stumbled upon a friend’s image of a sleepover set up that went above and beyond.  She highly recommended a company called Sleep Dreams Slumber Company for all of the set up and party details.  When I connected with Racheal and Lindsay, I knew this would be a sleepover to remember!

Sleep Dreams Slumber Company gave me some measurements for their individual tents and we planned a layout that would best suit our space.  The morning of the party, we moved some sofas and coffee tables and turned they transformed our living room into an 8 year olds fantasy camp ground! Millie’s tent color requests of pinks and aquas made for a vibrant space and all of the details that Racheal and Lindsay brought delighted the girls.  From LED lights and garlands to individual bed trays with lanterns, each girl loved her special space.

But they didn’t stop at the sleep space – they brought some shade outside for the swimming portion of the evening too!  They set up an amazing cabana tent that the girls loved gathering in.  They chatted, sipped lemonade, enjoyed their Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Clowns (a classic that I remember having at my birthday parties growing up) and made bracelets inside when they needed a break from the pool.

Pizza and cake got the girls out of the pool and, after they ate, they moved inside to get ready for bed.  Once they were in their nightgowns and settled into their tents, a game of charades broke out. (We love this box of charades cues – fun for the entire family!)  It brought on so much laughter that we just kept playing and playing, long after we had planned to start our movie night!  The projector and screen we set up kept the girls entertained and they started falling asleep during the movie, one by one.

What a great night and a wonderful way to celebrate eight!  Happy Birthday Millie!

Sleep Dreams Slumber Company’s wonderful outdoor cabana, complete with carpets, pillows and decor, was the perfect respite from the pool when the girls needed a break.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cone Clowns are a classic that I remember enjoying at my birthday parties growing up!

A simple set up to bead bracelets keep hands busy and their finished bracelets served as party favors. See below for links to the kits I purchased. I used my favorite laminated trays by D. Porthault from ShopKSW.com to corral the supplies.

Sleep Dreams Slumber Company supplied each guest with a bed tray and a lantern with a battery candle inside. The girls loved their special camp style nightlights. Millie added to the tray by getting each girl a personalized flamingo tumbler and straw pom pom bag to hold the light-up scrunchies she got them! All of the goodies are linked below.



  1. Lisa Hays on June 28, 2021 at 3:58 pm

    Oh my gosh – such a cute idea! I had no idea there was a company that could do such a thing. I will spreading the word to some “girl moms” for sure.

  2. Sandra Kulli on August 9, 2021 at 11:13 pm

    This is so darling. Thinking about camping overnights at Tapestry. See you soon in Santa Monica!

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