Kip’s Bay Decorator’s Showhouse Dallas

A Ladies Study by Jan Showers at Kip's Bay Showhouse Dallas

A Ladies Study by Jan Showers at Kip’s Bay Showhouse Dallas

We just left our visit to the Kip’s Bay Decorator’s Showhouse in Dallas, chaired by my dear friend and our interior designer, Jan Showers.  I’m a big fan of any decorator’s showhouse because I love to see what designer’s will do when they don’t have a specific client’s wishes to factor into their design. I’ve been to quite a few and I must say that this is my favorite one!  Jan and her committee and team did a phenomenal job!

Jan’s room was spectacular!  She designed a Ladies Study inspired by our library, which is also the cover of her new book. 

We all agreed that Cathy Kinkaid’s soothing yellow dining room was among our favorites!  I adored this antique table too!

The photographs don’t capture just how comforting and soothing this elegant master bedroom is.  It is designed by the beautiful blond sister duo of Kirsten Kelli.

One of my favorite things about the house was the “real kitchen” tucked in behind the “family kitchen/den” space.   Both were designed by Chad Dorsey Design and I thought they were wonderful! I am certainly keeping their layout and design in my wish list for my next home!


I loved the cozy den space designed by mother/son team Viviano Viviano.

A space that would so often be forgotten, the back stair landing, was turned into a cozy area to the side of the bar.

Mark Sikes, the absolute master of living with blue & white, created a fabulous space based on life at Casa Fiorentina using fabulous wallpapers from Iksel. .  It is a stunner!  You must grab a copy of Mark’s new book, More Beautiful.


I adored what Doniphan Moore did in the Master Bath and dressing room, especially this floor!


A corner of a bar/nook in Michelle Nussbaumer‘s room that I adored!  Her room was covered in her new wallpapers for Paul Montgomery and her line of fabrics from Clarence House.  Below are Michelle Nussbaumer’s caftans created from her fabrics in the dressing room.  They are being sold to benefit Kip’s Bay.

I also fell in love with the downstairs guest space by Dina Bandman.  The way this chair is tufted made me smile the moment I walked in!

The house is jaw dropping and each room dazzles in its own unique way.  I hope, if you are in the area, that you will support this wonderful non-profit project and come and enjoy the work of these amazing designers!

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