Charmed I’m Sure!

Jacqueline Kennedy’s Charm Bracelet

Three of my charms on a lariat necklace by Dilara Saatci.

A collection of charms on a wire necklace.

I cherish my charms more than almost any other piece of jewelry.  They carry sentimental meaning as my husband commemorates most special occasions by gifting one to me.  Every so often, I like to mix it up and put them on a different chain or bracelet.  I used to have them on a traditional chain bracelet and then moved them to a wire necklace like the one linked below.  Most recently, I started wearing only three of them around my neck with a lariat style necklace.  Whatever your style, check out my recipe below for a curated charm collection that you will cherish forever.  I’ve linked charms, necklaces and bracelets in a very wide variety of price points.  I’d love to see what you build or buy!

Start with your base.  Select a necklace or bracelet or two!

Start with a strong lucky charm:

Sprinkle it with love:

Don’t forget some dimension:

Add a little color:

Don’t forget some texture:

Make it personal with a monogram, your star sign or a birthstone:

OR grab one of these that are already put together with perfection:




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