Back to School at Home

Back to School goodies from JoJoMommy.

I’m looking so forward to school starting and getting back into a routine.  Even though the return will be unusual this year, at the very least it will put us back on a normal schedule.   Here a few of the tips and suggestions that I have gotten from friends, family and experts.

The Home School Mat I designed in collaboration with Tricia Lowenfeld to protect my furniture while Millie works!

Creating a Space to Learn:

-So many education experts suggest setting up a a special “school” area in your home to help you child succeed.  Designate a spot with few distractions and be sure to stock it full of any and all supplies they might need to avoid the distraction of them getting up out of their seat searching for a paperclip or scissors.  Click here to see my favorite school supplies on Amazon.

-I’m excited to add the Time Timer White Board to our school spaces too!  My children find comfort in seeing their tasks ahead and checking off their accomplishments and this has the added bonus of showing them how long they have to do it with their iconic red disk!  It is said to increase independence and has won both a Teacher’s Choice Award and a Mom’s Choice Award.  It is helpful for morning routines if you are going back to school as well as for homework.  I know it will help with our distance learning too!

-Finding a comfortable place to sit is important too!  My children love these Active Chairs by Studico. They allow them to wiggle and stay focused at the same time!

-For the little ones, I collaborated with Tricia Lowenfeld to make this little personalized and laminated home school mat.  I love that it makes my daughter feel like she has a special place to work but I also love that it protects my furniture!

-We are going to keep up the tradition of getting a new backpack and pencil case this year even though we won’t be going back and forth to a classroom.  It will be a great place for my children to keep their school supplies and my daughter is really excited about it.  Here are a few of the things that are on her back-to-school wish list:

Getting back to a bedtime routine:

-I find that getting back on to a bedtime schedule is one of the hardest parts of going back to school! My children love their sheets from PeachSkinSheets. They feel so soft, come in wonderful colors and the price is great!

-I like to dab a little bit of lavender on a tissue and tuck it into their pillowcases.  It is soothing and calm and Millie asks for it when I forget!

-Perfect the night time bath routine with the Bath Bean.  This simple silicone stopper helps you stay where you want to be in the bath – something everyone who isn’t really tall can appreciate.  We have one and we love it!


-This year, our children will be spending more time in front of a screen than probably ever before!  One way to keep them in tip top shape is get them a pair of blue light glasses.  We used the Fitz App to get JR a pair that he was able to “try on” virtually before we ordered them!

-I’ve told you about this before but I want to tell you again because it is so helpful:  If you have children of any age with devices in your house, you must order a Circle Home Plus.  It is so helpful as it monitors both the amount of time your child can have on devices as well as what hours they can be on it.  It also has filters to make sure they are only seeing age-appropriate content.  It is so easy to use that even I can set it up and use the app!

-I felt good about these easy tips for creating a safe home when it comes to WiFi and Electronics from Institute for Integrative Nutrition educator and  Detox Your Home author Christine Dimmick:

1. “Make sure your WiFi router is not in your bedroom or an area where you sit, like your desk.” Your WiFi router should be several feet away from anyplace anyone sits for long periods of time. 
2.”Do not sleep with wireless devices in your bedroom. If you must sleep with your phone next to you, make sure you turn the WiFi off.”
3.”Do not use wireless headphones. This is the same thing as holding a cell phone to your head. Use a headset that plugs into your phone when talking.”
4.”Do not store devices on your body when the WiFi is on, such as tucking your phone into your bra, or pocket, or sitting with your laptop on your legs, stomach or chest. Placing a device on a table is always best.”

One of the other things that we are looking forward to doing this week is the back-to-school shopping that my children always look forward to.

-If you are shopping for the classics, check out my sister’s on-line shop JoJo Mommy or stop in to her brand new boutique in Dallas.

-Click here to watch my Back to School Segment for NorthPark Center on Good Morning Texas.

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