Summer is here!

Summer is here and the camps we signed up for are cancelled so I’m planning on creating some fun at home.

The first challenge for me when school is out is keeping the screen time to a minimum and I couldn’t do it without The Disney Circle.  Do you have one?  We think it is the best $55 we have ever spent.  Simply hook it up to your wifi and you will be able to manage screen time, set limits for weekdays and weekends, add filters to protect young eyes from inappropriate content, and so much more.  From the corresponding app on your phone, you can completely customize what works for your family members and even add “reward” time for them when they earn it! It is great!

We love family games nights and enjoy letting everyone stay up late to play a few extra rounds of our favorites!

We love outdoor games too!

For some wet fun, check out these lawn and pool toys.

We love to craft too!  This marbled wooden tray seems like a fun project!  Both children have been asking about “paint pours” and it seems like fun!

What are your favorite summer fun games?

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