Friday Favorites: Summer Blues

I just love everything about this video with Cathy Graham as she walks us through how she sets the table.

This huge shell is perfect for use as an ice bucket.  We use it for rosé in the summers.  It is also pretty holding towels or filled with plants or succulents. It is a summer house must have!

I’m ordering these for summer too!  They will be such a cute way to get my hair up and, at 40% off, they would make a great gift for a friend too!

I love this red, white and blue tin basket!  It would be so cute to pack one up for each guest if you are planning a socially distanced 4th of July Celebration!

This is such a pretty summer blouse!

I’m tempted to order this darling vintage pool or beach bucket hat!

Great tips for cleaning your jewels from the experts at Christies.

We have this outside and it is the BEST!  It is an ice bucket when you need it or a table top when that suits! 

This is the linked item that was clicked on the most this month and I can see why.  So pretty!


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