Cait Kids!

Congratulations to my friend Caitlin Wilson on the launch of Cait Kids!

Caitlin is so accomplished.  She is the talent behind her vast line of fabrics, textiles, rugs and so much more. She is an incredible mother and such a sweet person.  I was lucky to get to know her when she moved to Dallas and opened her new shop/showroom.  If you haven’t yet seen it, please check out this video of Caitlin putting together her doll house for House Beautiful’s Doll House Beautiful Fundraiser!  It is amazing!!!  Caitlin is also the creative mind behind one of my favorite gifts to give, this incredible serving board in the most beautiful shade of blue!

The photos here are from her website and social media and made a few selections from her new Cait Kids line below but the line is far more extensive that what I have tagged here.  Happy designing!

For the Boys:

For the Girls:

Caitlin with her incredible dollhouse, a replica of her own house.

A detail shot of one of the darling rooms that Caitlin designed for the Doll House Beautiful Event.

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