Friday Favorites: Comfort


There are so many ways that we can all contribute to the community right now and one of the easiest is to simply stay home.  For some that is harder than others but, if you are able, please do it!  I love hearing the stories of those who are out making a difference in the world and the inspiring stories of gratitude to the health care community but, sadly, I’m also starting to hear stories of loss that are quite close to home.  I hope that today’s round up of Friday Favorites will make your unselfish act of staying at home this holiday weekend and beyond a little bit easier.

I adore these caftan style day dresses for a loose, cool, comfortable look at home.  They are the closest I have come to getting dressed since the stay-at-home order! I have two and just ordered a third as the price is great and they wash so well. They are less than $30 and are easy to wash and wear.  These are four of my favorites but I’d love to know which of the 37 colors you select!

I have been sticking my hair up with these every day!

We have been trying to skip the snacks and pour a cup of our favorite hot tea instead.

Want to have a different look for your next Zoom gathering?  Check out these from the Getty!

One of my favorite things about this candle, besides the clean fresh scent, is that you can use the gorgeous container forever!

I love this super soft throw blanket at less than $25! 

Love that our sweet Zeus made a Veranda round-up! 

This tool is perfect for taking care of your skin at home.  I love it!


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