Collecting: Nemadji Pottery

My living room photographed by David Tsay for Veranda Nov/Dec 2019. You can see my small collection of Nemadji Pottery on the mantle.

I’m a collector at heart and love learning about the history of pieces that I find.  Ceramics and Pottery are certainly near the top of my list of treasures that I love to hunt for. One of the items that I started collecting about five years ago is a bit out of the norm for me but I was so attracted to the shapes and colors that I couldn’t resist.  When I first saw Nemadji Pottery, I certainly saw the Native American style but I also believe that great design fits anywhere.  Also, the prices are very approachable so it was certainly worth a try!

I keep my collection on my living room mantle and it includes a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  The pieces are very fragile and chip easily so I like having them up high!  When I add flowers to them for a special occasion, I keep the stems in floral tubes as the vessels don’t hold water well.  They would also be so beautiful as a collection on a dining table or placed as a single bud vase on a night stand or powder room.

Nemadji Pottery was first made and marketed in 1929. Nemadji means “left-handed” but the clever marketing team behind the first pieces loved that the name implied that it was connected to a tribe.  It was created like any other pottery but used a coloring technique similar to marbling.  The bright colors and dramatic shapes caught the eyes of tourists and were sold in so many places across the United States for over 70 years so it is plentiful and easy to find!

Click on this link to learn more about the history of Nemadji Pottery.


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