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Our school is cancelled and our spring break plans are too. It seems that life as we know it is cancelled!Is this the universe telling us to slow down? I sat down when I read the quote above by Jamie Tworkowski that my friend Alli posted.  It was such a great reminder that, in these scary times, when we don’t know what we don’t know, we still have so much that is familiar around us.  We have been stocked up for a while but I worry for the people who don’t have the resources to add extra food and supplies to their pantry and the children who depend on the meals that they receive at school.  I’m worried about my friends and family who are not in perfect health.  There is so much to be worried about so I’m going to do my best to focus on how I can help and enjoy some nesting with my family.

It’s funny how I always long for more time at home to tackle projects, read a book, play with the children and organize!  Now that it is forced on us, I feel like I am struggling to find things to do! Here a few of the ways that we plan to spend our time while we enjoy rainy days at home for he next week (or maybe two or three!):

Read – I always say that I am going to spend more time reading.  I have done a better job of that in 2020 but maybe this is the week to really dive into that pile I have! Here are a few of my finished favorites and some from the stack on my nightstand that are waiting to be opened.

Take up a new hobby like needlepoint.  I know it always helps me when I am anxious.  I have made stockings for my children and my nephews.  I’m happy that I have a new canvas here to work on for my niece.  I’ve also made pillows and ornaments. If you are looking for an easy needlepoint one to start, click here!

We tore into the game cabinet and found a few old favorites! What are you playing?

Let’s get cooking!  What are your favorite cookbooks?  Here are a few of mine:

Click here to find out what Feeding America is doing to help with the Covid-19 pandemic.  When schools are cancelled, one of the greatest concerns is for the children who depend on school meals.  Feeding America has links to the local food banks that are in your area and there are so many ways that we can all help.

This is a great time to get those piles of photographs organized!  I love these simple photo albums.



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