January Notes

One of our 2020 resolutions was to plan our travel out in an intentional way with plenty of time to make detailed plans and, instead, we started our January out with a last minute family ski trip and a last minute trip to the Bahamas to celebrate a friend’s birthday!  It’s funny how life throws exciting things your way when you least expect them.  So much for making plans in advance – I think I’m going to change that resolution to “just go with it!”

If you are headed to the cold, you want these!  I had two friends recommend them and they were not wrong! We got them for the entire family. (Make sure you get the fleece lined version.)

We are escaping Winter again at the end of February and I’m going to order this! So chic!

A fun outline of the top lots sold at Sotheby’s over the last twenty years and, speaking of Sothebys Auction House, I’m excited about this upcoming sale!

Looking for a new read?  I just finished this and I loved it.

Do you love to journal but don’t have lots of time?  I use this ten-year journal every day but only for a few minutes!  My mother does it too!

There are still so many great things in this Sale!  Filter by your size for easy shopping but don’t miss the fabulous accessories!


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