Lauren Santo-Domingo’s Hampton’s table set with Carnation plates from Moda Domus as seen on her Instagram Feed.


As a tabletop fanatic, I have so many patterns that I love to track down and piece together into larger, usable sets.  One of those is more special to me than many others as I started collecting it because my husband has fond memories of his mother setting the table with it when he was growing up.  It is a very obscure pattern that was created for Gumps in the 1970s that is often referred to as “Carnation” even though the carnation is not obvious in the design.  These ceramic dinner sets were hand-painted in Italy in an Imari style.  I have found a set of dinner plates and a tureen and serving platter at auction and sadly missed out on a set that was advertised at a local estate sale!  I thought I was getting there just in time to snatch the set but, sadly, someone beat me to it!  I even talked the operator of the estate sale into giving me the lucky buyers phone number so that I could make her an offer but she didn’t ever get back to me.

But now, I don’t need to chase these beautiful plates all over town as my friend Lauren Santo-Domingo has re-created them for Moda Domus, her tabletop line for Moda Operandi.  I couldn’t be more excited to sit around a table with our family and enjoy them in the same way that my husband did when he was growing up.  Click on the images below to shop the collection.


  1. Paula Jackson on January 21, 2020 at 10:35 pm

    Kim / there are lots of these on eBay – enter the search as “Faenza Garofano”. And BTW – I watched the ladies pack up the “haul” at the estate sale! HA. Paula

  2. Julissa Candanedo. on January 22, 2020 at 12:27 pm


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