December Notes

I’m crazy about these amazing planners and journals that I received.  They would make a great gift and what a wonderful treat for yourself to get the new decade started off right!  The design and aesthetic are so elegant and fresh and the quality is really impressive.  I’m thrilled to have them and they will be on my go-to gift list as well!  Order yours now! (I’m especially excited about the 365 Days of Family Gratitude book!)

I’ve been wrapping gifts in these boxes for years!  There is nothing better than the laughter that ensues upon opening gifts when you get to see your friends and family react!  This one is perfect for the pet lovers in your life. 

I keep adding to and updating my Christmas Shop and my Holiday Gift Guides!  I hope you will check them out.

My daughter is super into camper vans this year so I am going to make this gingerbread house alternative with her.

Can’t wait to get to the Dallas Arboretum and Dallas Symphony this holiday season!

Take a look at my sister’s Children’s Shop for some great holiday outfits and gifts. 

It isn’t too late to order a holiday card!  There are so many great offers and darling designs here.

So many have asked about  my Bargello Needlepoint Christmas Stockings.  Here is a link so that you can order your own!


  1. These planners and notebooks look like old books. I am very curious, where can I buy them? I would be very thankful, if someone told me.

    • Kimberly Whitman on February 11, 2020 at 5:48 pm

      There is a link in the post that should take you right to their website. Happy Shopping!

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