Exploding Jack-O-Lantern Cake

Millie’s baking passion continues and this time she has created a Jack-O-Lantern cake designed to burst with candy corn when it is cut into!

We started by making two chocolate cakes in bundt pans using a dense cake cake recipe so that they could be firmly stacked, one on top of the other to  make a pumpkin shape.  We used this super easy chocolate brownie cake recipe but you could use anything you like!

Once the bundt cakes cooled (Millie colored while she waited – it is the hardest part of baking for her!) we stacked one upside down, added layer of icing, and stacked the other on top to give a darling pumpkin shape with a whole in the center!

Millie worked hard icing the entire cake in store-bought orange icing and asked me to draw on the black eyes and mouth that she had sketched out for me with black icing, again, store bought from a tube to keep it easy.

We filled the center with orange and black sprinkles and candy corn.  It looked so cute from the top also spilled out on to the cake stand when we made our first slice into the cake.

We had a blast with this easy baking project and I hope you will try it too!

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