Happy Fourth of July!

There is so much to celebrate today! God Bless the USA!

Justin and I love watching this mini-series this time of year.  It is amazing and makes you so proud to live in America!

Click here for a little guide to proper flag etiquette.

I love it when Serena & Lily has a sale!  Use code GOCOASTAL for 20% off of everything!

I love these red bordered white linen placemats from Neiman Marcus and the price is right! Paired with a blue and white plate, it makes for a perfectly patriotic place setting!

Interesting article about how the flag made it to the moon!

I have this tablecloth in red and white, blue and white and black and white and I LOVE it!  It is the perfect addition to your linen collection and is under $20!

We use these glasses almost every day in the summer!

It is such a fun time to shop the sales! Up to 75% off at Williams Sonoma right now and up to 80% off at Netaporter! 

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy Independence Day!


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