Friday Favorites: Fresh and New!


It’s a new year and a great time to get a fresh and new start. There is nothing like getting those holiday decorations put back in the attic to motivate me to keep things clean and organized at home.  This week, my project is to go through my kitchen cabinets and get rid of the clutter!  I love all of my splatterware bowls and I just ordered this set to add to my collection!

-Love this guide on collecting Chinese Export Porcelain from Christies.

-There are so many great sales on right now!  Click here for one of my favorites.

-Just finished doing this and I’m so happy that I did!

-I am super motivated to keep this in my bag to keep me organized. 

-Totally want this dress for weekends.

-I’m struggling to keep a couple of my myrtle topiaries healthy.  I’m following this guide to try to bring them back to a happy place!


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