A Gingerbread Gathering

Our son, JR, has an annual get together at start of every December with his God-Mother to decorate Gingerbread Houses.  Our daughter, Millie, didn’t have any tradition around this fun holiday activity so I decided it was time she start her own.  We asked cousins and a few friends to join us after dismissal on the last day of school for some decorating fun!

We set the middle of the table with Millie’s favorite bottle brush trees and loads of candy to decorate with. At each place setting, we used cake boards that would make it easy for our guests to take the houses home.

To prepare for the party, we pre-assembled each of the houses using a hot-glue gun.  It makes them far more stable than the icing and so much easier for the little ones to decorate!

On the back of each chair, we placed a gingerbread apron for each guest to take home as their gift.  They not only protected their clothing but I hope they will be used over and over again to bake, cook and craft at home!

We served Pomander Punch from my book, Parties Around A Punch Bowl, in my favorite Christmas Punch bowl from Juliska.

My daughter requested hot chocolate, the Pomander Punch from my book, Parties Around a Punch Bowl, and Christmas cookies. To embellish the hot-chocolate and keep to the theme, we added these sweet tiny gingerbread houses designed to perch on the side of a mug.


  1. Milly Egan on April 15, 2019 at 3:11 am

    This is gorgeous. I am so inspired by your gingerbread house party. Those gingerbread aprons are so cute. Pre-assembling the framework is such a clever idea too Kimberly.

  2. Lisa Hays on December 12, 2021 at 8:53 am

    Such a fun idea! I bet the kids had fun 🙂

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