Dallas Child – Ten Years Later!

When Dallas Child reached out asking they could check in with me ten years after I first popped up on their pages, I jumped on the chance to reflect on how I had changed as a mother.  So much has changed since 2008!  I love the magazine and it is a great resource for parents in the Dallas Area when it comes to anything from schools to birthday party entertainers!  

I love being a mom but I often second guess my skills as a mother!  I know we all do!  When Dallas Child asked for advice, all I could think of was that I really do try my best and somedays are much better than others.   My goal this year is to enjoy being a mother more than I have before.  I want to let go of the little things and find humor and joy in the things that don’t go as planned.

This photo is from the original article ten years ago!  So much has changed since then!  I am a mother of two now and I’ve learned a lot along the way!


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