The Cult Bag You Need for Summer

I have found it for you!  The that I posted on my social media last summer sold out so fast that it became one of those treasures that everyone was after.

Most “it-bags” with cult followings have price tags in the thousands but this treasure by can be yours for less than $120!  And the best part is that this bag goes with everything!  It is the only bag you will need for summer!

But how do you make the most popular bag of summer uniquely yours?  I like to add a either as a liner or simply as an accent tie to the handle.

When using a scarf as a liner, simply shove the center of a large square scarf to the bottom of the bag and arrange your things inside.  Tie each opposite corder in a simple knot and fiddle with them so that the knots sit on either side of the handle.  I love this technique because the contents of the bag cannot be seen and I don’t need to untie the scarf every time I need to get something out of my purse!

To add a feminine accent, simply tie a long and narrow scarf, like a Hermes Twilly,  to the handle. You could knot it or tie it in a bow!  I love that it adds a pop of color and softens this geometric bag.

Click on the images below to shop for your own!  You can wear it with anything and accessorize it to the hilt!  I can’t wait to see how you wear yours!

Don’t forget to add a

Or add a for a pop of color!

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