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We are still getting settled in our new house and one of the most exciting parts of it for me has been finding and placing art.  We brought all of the art we love from our previous home but the scale of  each room is so different and it has made certain spaces a little bit tricky! We set out to find new pieces but it was hard to find the time!

Justin and I have always loved hunting for art that resonates with us.  We have always done this in galleries, at artist’s studios or at Art Fairs but these days our free time seems to be filled with soccer games and ballet classes leaving little time for leisurely gallery hopping.   When I found out about Twyla I was thrilled!  We could hunt for art together at any time without needing to leave our home!

We dove into the site and, within minutes, had a dozen pieces in our “heart” file.  We followed our instincts on each piece, hearted them without a second thought when we found one we liked and then went back and did an edit.  We knew we needed a large-scale piece for the hallway between our children’s rooms.  It is an important space because it is seen from the foyer.  We were hoping for something that would bring a smile to the faces of every guest who came to our door.  

We took time on Twyla to learn about each of the artists in our final selection and read their statements and stories.  We felt like we were making digital studio visits from the comfort of our home!  Although it was hard to pick only one, we finally landed on a piece that we both loved and that our children both thought was super cool!  We selected Innocence #26 by Laurent Elie Badessi.  The 50″ x 40″ size was perfect for our large open space by the staircase and the bright colors were both eye catching and cheerful.  I also liked that the limited edition prints Badessi created exclusively for Twyla were a bit of a departure from his other work which is usually more figurative.  The piece we have looks abstract at first glance but when you take a closer look you find vivid butterflies.   The decision to order this piece was easy knowing that Twyla has a 30 days for $30 trial!  If you love it, you keep it and if it isn’t right, you just let them know and they will take it off your hands for free!

Twyla certainly changed the way we can research and buy art.  It is so easy to navigate, fun to do as a family and it certainly introduced us to artists that we might not have heard of otherwise.  I love that they are partnering with artists to offer special limited edition works at more affordable prices. They range from $360 – $3500 for works by leading artists who have been included in museums and galleries from MOMA to the Palais de Tokyo and many in between. The cherry on top of all of this was that they even helped with installation in our home!

This post was created in partnership with Twyla, a brand I love. Products were provided.



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