Little Girls Gift Guide

My three year old daughter has a long list for Santa this year!  Here is what I hope to wrap under the tree for her!

I want a  of my own but I guess I can live vicariously through hers if Santa brings this one!
 Can you think of a better place to curl up with a book than inside this darling  ?
I’m crazy about these I See Me! Personalized Books and I’m ordering them for friends too!
Thisis one of the most charming toys I have ever seen!
I predict hours of fun on this! 
My active little one might be able to keep up with her big brother a little better with this
Millie has been playing with (and breaking!) my delicate old lately so I think this more durablewill be worth the investment. 
How amazing is this
 I love to get my little ones new Stationery every year and this set is so charming!
I love a toy that feels modern and cool but is educational at the same time!  Can’t wait to give her this. 

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