Boxing Day Made Easy – CallBox Storage

I just love Christmas!  If you are anything like me you have nutcrackers on your mantle, stockings hung at every chimney, and a nativity by your front door.  I put away my every day china and pull out my  to use for the season.  I burn holiday candles every day and decorate every inch of the house. 

But then Boxing Day rolls around and I have to admit that I kind of look forward to putting it all away and starting fresh!  I love boxing up the stockings and decorations and carefully packing them away to pull out again next year. 
 I have so many sentimental decorations – like the snowman made of terry cloth from my childhood to the creche that my parents gave us the first Christmas that we were married.  They mean a lot to me and they are not easily replaced! 
I asked my grandmother to needlepoint stockings for my children but her eyes were bothered by the canvases I took to her so she taught me to do it instead.  I made both of these stockings for my little ones so it is important to me that they are stored properly when they aren’t hung!
That is why this year I am packing my boxes and signing up for CallBox Storage.  They pick up your items for free and inventory them at no additional cost. Then next year when I am ready to get them back out, they deliver them back to my door step!  No hassle and no space taken up in my garage!  I know my husband will be thrilled!  I should have wrapped this idea up and put it under the tree for him!
If you want to hear more about their services you can check out their website or watch this segment from Good Morning Texas.  I hope you will call them too!
This post is created in partnership with CallBox Strorage, a company I love.  Thanks to wonderful brands like CallBox Storage, I am able to bring this blog to you!  

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  1. Lindsey Hern on January 15, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    Do you recall which needlepoint pattern/company you used for your homemade stockings? Love this look!

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