How inspiring is this shot of artist Stella Ehrich’s pastels laid out on her studio table?  
If you ever read this blog, you know what one item I would run in and grab if my house was on fire – my son’s portrait by Stella Ehrich.  It was painted when he was four, almost five, and I can’t wait until my daughter gets to that age so that I can have her portrait  done too!  I’m feeling especially sentimental about the portrait now that we are moving.  I’m so thrilled to take this image that captures JR leaning against the columns at our current home to our new home. 
I’m writing about Stella’s portarit again because she is headed for a tour of the South this month and I don’t want you to miss out on the chance to meet her and visit with her about commissioning a portrait of yourself or a loved one.  She will be on the road soon so please reach out to her at (802) 922-3989 or email her at  Click here to visit her website.
She will be in: 
Dallas: April 10-20
New Orleans: April 21-24
Raleigh: May 8-11
Memphis: May 12-16

She just sent me this darling picture of a little girl she recently captured along with her new portrait.  Isn’t it darling?  I love the way Stella gets to know the people she paints, regardless of age.  She truly becomes a friend in the process which makes the final product even more special.

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