Dog Treat Wreath

Are you heading to a home with a dog for the holidays?  Don’t leave them out!  You are sure to get ooohs and aaahs when you show up with this wreath on your arm – the perfect holiday hostess gift for any dog lover!
simple creation starts with a circular piece of cardboard the size of the
desired wreath. A Milk Bone biscuit and a Pup-Peroni, cut in half, are paired
up and affixed to the cardboard base by snuggly lacing and wrapping a festive ribbon around the treat pairs. There is no glue involved, so when the
holidays are over, you can easily remove the ribbon and let your pup indulge. 
here for more detailed instructions from PetSmart on
this DIY holiday project!  
 This post was created in partnership with PetSmart, a brand I love! 

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  1. Patent Attorney on January 13, 2016 at 10:25 am

    What a brilliant idea, sad that Christmas had ended otherwise I would have made this for my little poodle!

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