KSW Travels – Dublin

Justin and I had an amazing time in Dublin this summer!  I didn’t know what to expect but we fell in love with the charming city and can’t wait to go back!
When we arrived, we went strait to The Merrion Hotel and I’m so glad we did!  
It was such a treat.  The hotel is made up of several old Georgian Town houses lined up in a row and the lobby felt like you were stepping into one of those elegant homes.

We were anxious to freshen up after our long flight so we went strait to our room.  It was so elegant and pretty and every detail felt just right.  I was dying to hop in to bed for a quick power nap but Justin wisely told me I needed to power through and battle the time change!
Justin hopped down to the bar to “refresh” and I went to the spa!  Aren’t the moldings in the bar room amazing?

After a bit of rest and relaxation, we set out to see the city.  We decided to just wander and peek down little side streets and explore.  It was enchanting!  We found some amazing little shops like those we found at the Powerscourt Centre.  This gem of a shop captured my eye with their rows and rows of vintage candy colored ring boxes.
We wanted to do some sight seeing on day two but we didn’t have a plan. The concierge at the hotel was incredibly helpful and recommended we hop on the double-decker-hop-on-hop-off red bus!  It was perfect!
It stopped at the Guinness Factory which is a must-do!  I sort of dreaded going there but thought I should be a good sport for my husband’s sake. I must admit that I was enamored by the place!  The visitor’s center is so well done and the story of the amazing brew and the fascinating family behind it come alive!  Skip the long lines to become a brew-master and head up to the seventh floor for a free pint and amazing views!

 The bus also stopped at the Kilmainham Goal (Jail) and I’m so glad we hopped off for the tour.  It was a fascinating crash-course into Ireland’s rich history and we soaked of every fascinating moment.   

Now, let’s chat about food for a moment….I did not go to Dublin expecting to eat well.  I sort of imagined a bunch of pub food but the city surprised me thanks to Annie Fitzsimmon’s article, Dublin for Foodies.  We followed her advice and took her word and she was right on every single suggestion!  Use her article to make your reservations now!

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