Little Goodall Coats

photo from Little Goodall
Don’t you love it when someone stops you in the street and asks you where you got something?
I do!  
I love to share my favorite sources but I have never owned anything that gets as much attention as my daughter’s Luxe Bunny Coat from Little Goodall.  It is made right here in Texas by the talented perfectionist, Molly Goodall, and I’m seriously not kidding when I tell you that I have to add a few minutes on to our outings to allow time to answer questions about where the coat came from. 
The bunny ears are so precious and irresistible that it can make the naughtiest and loudest toddler look adorable white out and about – trust me, I know that part from experience.
So, if you want one, you need to reach out right away!  There is a linen version available by pre-order for spring that will melt your heart but they do sell out so hurry on over to to get your paws on one now!
and p.s.  If bunnies aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other darling creatures available too!

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