The Beauty Event is Back!

I love make-up!
But even more than the actual make-up, I love that it starts my day off with the “alone time” I take for my morning routine.  I close my dressing room door and, as my mom would say,  “put my face on.”
So when I get a mailer announcing The Beauty Event at Neiman Marcus, my heart skips a beat! 
Now, you might be nay-saying and thinking that you just don’t need anything but you are wrong!  You NEED these amazing new brushes from Artis.  I’m telling you….AMAZING is not an exaggeration!
They can make your foundation look like it was airbrushed.  Seriously!
They are unbelievably soft and the hair won’t shed.
The company was started by make-up artist, Matthew Waitesmith, who lead the Artist Training and Development program at MAC cosmetics.  
I’ve been using mine for a little while now and I want you to have them too!  This is the perfect time to buy them during the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event because you will be showered with free goodies and an Eddie Borgo designed bag! 


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