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So, when I got the request from one of my favorite Dallas media teams about featuring Justin and I in a Q and A about marriage, I was thrilled and terrified at the same time!  We have a great marriage but it isn’t perfect!  It ebbs and flows and has ups and downs.  I couldn’t imagine what nuggets of advice we would have to offer to the readers of FDLuxe!  
My parents have been married for over forty years so our ten year marriage seems pretty fresh yet but, when I asked Justin if he wanted to do it, he said yes! 
We were each sent a list of questions with a request to keep our answers separate and not share them with each other.  I was nervous!  I wanted to be honest and candid but not embarrass my husband, my children, or myself!  
Now, as we approach our ten year anniversary, I feel inspired to make the next ten just as exciting, full of even more adventure and to make sure my family knows how much I love them.
All that to say that I hope you like the story.  We were in great company with some of the most amazing couples and I was so impressed with the open answers they gave.  Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.
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