Guest Recipe Post: Mint and Lime Margarita from Esoteric Events

I’m sure you will enjoy this Mint and Lime Margarita as much as I did!  Big huge thanks to the amazing Kristin Alexander or  Esoteric
 for sharing! Her blog is gorgeous and recipe is D-lish!
The margarita is one of my
all time favorite cocktails. Did you know that tequila can aid in digestion?
It’s also been shown that tequila is a better choice of liquor for those with
blood sugar sensitivities. But with the start of the New Year and health goals
taking precedence for many, the traditional margarita tends to become a thing
of the past (at least until Cinco de Mayo!). But we shouldn’t forget about the
cocktail entirely! By reinventing the margarita, with a focus on keeping it
fresh and simple, the cocktail becomes a healthier alternative, and one that we
can enjoy in moderation while still focusing on our goals. My guilt-free
version of the margarita, with mint, lime and agave, preserves the refreshing
flavor we all adore while keeping sugar and calories low.
When stacked up against
other liquors, tequila ranks healthier than its counterparts. Believe it or
not, but 1 oz. has less than 70 calories! I start by grabbing my go-to tequila,
Corzo. I add fresh mint and lime juice, simple but ultra flavorful, to a shaker
with ice with Corzo, St. Germain and a splash of agave syrup. Then I shake until
cold. Why agave? I reach for it in place of another sugar option as the body is
able to break down the simple sugars produced by the agave plant more easily.
After preparing the rim of my favorite margarita glass with salt (which is
optional for those eliminating excess salt from their diet), I pour into the
glass, add a mint leaf, and start sipping away. My Mint and Lime Margarita
always delivers a fresh zing of flavors while staying conscientious to diet
goals. Here’s to sticking to those resolutions!
Mint and Lime Margarita
Yields 1
1.5 oz. silver tequila
1 oz. St. Germain
1 oz. fresh lime juice
½ lime
Splash of agave
3-5 mint leaves
Add ice and
2-4 mint leaves
Pour tequila,
St. Germain and lime juice into shaker
Shake until
Salt the rim
of your glass with lime
Pour contents
of the shaker into your glass
Garnish with a
mint leaf or two


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