Fresh and Pretty Beauty for the New Year

I love all of the New Year/New You talk that always seems to go on this time of year.  I find it so inspiring and it gets me in the mood to get organized and simplify a little bit.  I find that especially true with my beauty routine!  It is an easy time to do that because by weeding out the holiday beauty trends that didn’t stick for me, I feel like I’ve re-vamped a busy part of my home in only a few minutes.  Unlike most of the other things in my house, I’m ruthless when it comes to getting rid of cosmetics and products that didn’t do it for me this time of year. 
But enough about what didn’t work for me.  Today’s post is all about the things that do!
Here is a list of some of my favorite beauty products for a fresh and pretty new look for 2015:
I’m crazy about these new shadows from Colour Pop! (seen in the photo above.) They are inexpensive and easy to apply with your finger.  All of the colors are gorgeous but I love “Girly” under the brow and on the inner corner, “Amaze” or “Sugar” on the lid, and then a neutral matte shadow on the crease.  For added drama, I place a little bit of “Hustle” in the outside corner of my lid and line my eyes with it as well.
I love to emphasize my lashes.  I feel like it is a “must have” for me even if I’m rushing through my makeup routine.  Avon’s Superextend Curling Mascara is my new favorite! 
I’ve been using Lancome ‘Effacernes’ Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer since my SMU days and, although I hate to tell you how long that has been, just know that it translates to “a long time.”  They have changed the packaging a bit over the years but I have truly put this stuff to the test and it has never ever failed me. Through all-nighters studying for exams and all-nighters caring for my newborns, it has done some major concealing.  I keep trying other things but I always land back at this tried and true favorite.  

I was nudged to try the By Terry Sheer Expert Fluid Foundation recently and I fell in love!  I’ve been using L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Makeup since it was introduced to me by the makeup team at TODAY show and it is great for days when I need a lot of coverage but I’ve been using the By Terry Sheer Expert on days that I don’t and I’m happy with the balance I have found between the two.
I’m such a fan of bronzer that I can’t pick just one favorite.  I always keep Susan Posnick’s Brush and Go Bronzer in my purse for touch ups and I use Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Powder in my morning routine.  Even if I’m just off to carpool and the gym, I add a touch of bronzer to contour and “wake up my face” a bit.  
Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed is great.  I love the blush and highlighter combo – so easy to use and it gives a very natural rosy glow.
So, I have this weird thing with my lips that bugs me – I like them to look fuller in the corners instead of heart shaped so I have to cheat a little bit and fill them in with a pencil.  This creamy-but-not-too-creamy “Lip Cheat” Re-Size and Re-Shape Lip Liner by Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite.  It is perfect for adding that little bit of fullness to the corners while keeping it kind of natural.  Charlotte is an incredible make-up artist and has wonderful instructional videos on her site so be sure to check them out!
I tend to play with my lipstick colors based on what I am wearing but I never ever leave the house with out a Natural Ice Medicated Lip Protectant.  I buy them in packs of 48 (yes, I’m serious!) from because everyone I know loves it and it isn’t the easiest thing to find in the stores. I keep them in my desk drawer, kitchen junk drawer and purse! I give them out to friends and family and use them up myself! Get ready to get addicted! 

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