I’m the perfect amount of sore today!

This summer I’ll be wearing one-piece bathing suits like this:

Clover Canyon

With this over it:

Clover Canyon Cover Up

I’m going to leave that over it all the time.  I’m never taking it off!

Or maybe for a splash of color I will wear this:

Clover Canyon

With this over it:

Clover Canyon Cover Up

and I’m okay with that!  

-My baby is not even one and 
-I had a c-section. 
-There aren’t enough hours in the day to work out and 
-exercise is boring. 

There…now you know my excuses.  

You aren’t going to believe this (I didn’t want to because my excuses were working for me) but I found a way that you can have fun while you are exercising and it only takes half an hour.  

 I know that my intro makes this sounds like an infomercial but this is for real – this is not a sponsored post. 🙂

Yesterday I went to a Speedflex class and it was such a blast!  I didn’t really feel that I had much of a work out because it went so fast and was such a blast.  There are lots of quick 20 second low impact exercises and you rotate around the room working on the various machines. My mom, sister Kari, and our good friends Connie Howe and her daughter Jessica did the “rotations” with me and it made it so much fun.  

They describe the sessions as “high in intensity, low in impact and short in duration.”  It’s true!  

You wear a heart rate monitor for the session and you can watch your rate on the screen during the 20 second intervals.  At the end, you can see your success with a graph that shows your heart rate and calories burned.  I burned double the calories that I burn in a session of the same length on my treadmill and it was a lot more fun.

We all bought a membership and had such a blast.  Check out the Speedflex website for a video that demonstrates a session and explains the benefits of the program a lot better than I just did! There are locations opening up around the country and Great Britain.  We are lucky to have one here in Dallas so if you live nearby, you must check it out. 

So now I’m going to start planning a New Year’s trip to the beach somewhere so that I can wear this:

Clover Canyon Blue and White Bikini

And I’ll only put this over when I have to:

Clover Canyon Pleated Skirt Cover Up

See you at Speedflex!

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