Southern Gramma Chic – Hobnail Glass

I’m such a collector. My husband calls me a hoarder but I’m sticking with collector.  I love collecting anything for the table from linens to glasses and my latest obsession is with hobnail glass.

So pretty in white!  Check out this collection and other’s available from Barking Sands Vintage on Etsy.
I started buying milk glass when I was in high-school (I know – such a nerd!) and I still have the collection that included a few pieces of Fenton Hobnail glass.  I kind of forgot about it for a while but lately I keep seeing hobnail glass popping up all around.  I think it might be back!
It also comes in some gorgeous colors like this beautiful turquoise Vintage Cake Stands from Barking Sands Vintage on Etsy.
Photo by Barking Sands Vintage on Etsy

Another gorgeous piece from Barking Sands:

I super duper want to bring back the punch bowl too.  I want to get my hands on this Duncan and Miller Hobnail-Pink Opalescent Punch Bowl Set but it is in a museum and I don’t think they will let me borrow it. 🙁

Now, I don’t claim to be an amazing collector of Hobnail but I do the come-back underway and I think it is time to ramp it up!  To learn more about it you can check out the official Fenton website. 
But if you aren’t so into vintage but love the look, I put a few of my favorite new pieces here:

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