Friday Favorites – Summer is Starting!

It’s official – our house is on the market and that means I have been busy cleaning it up!  I’m loving these tips from Oprah’s Clean House Guru, Peter Walsh, for organizing all of the clutter I am putting away so that it shows well.  I want it to look as clean as it did the day we shot this cover story for Traditional Home! 
I’m looking to renovate a house just so that I can use these!
I want this for cool outdoor summer dinners – in other words – when I’m eating in a place other than Dallas!  This LWD is better for Dallas – and it’s on sale!
Even if you can’t be in St. Tropez this summer, you can recreate it with these dinner party tips from Penny Drue Baird.
Happy Friday!  I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  

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