Estee Lauder Archives and Etiquette Advice from Elizabeth Hurley

I’m a sucker for a great archival letter, note, photo or ad so when I got my hands on these incredible archives from Estee Lauder, I almost cried with joy!  They are amazing and I am so excited to be able to share them with you.
Photo by Daniel Driensky
Last Wednesday was a thrill!  If you were anywhere near Neiman Marcus Northpark in Dallas yesterday afternoon, you couldn’t miss the excitement.  There were lines of ladies waiting to see Estee Lauder’s son, Leonard Lauder, and Elizabeth Hurley as they opened the Estee Lauder Compact Museum.  

Photo by Daniel Driensky

Estee Lauder and Neiman Marcus have been together since 1950 when Estee Lauder made her first personal appearance at the Flagship Neiman Marcus store in Downtown Dallas.  Throughout the years, they have launched 58 special compacts that women have been giving as gifts, collecting and enjoying!  The Compact Museum is such a little gem of an experience that I hope you will check out.  Mr. Lauder joked that you should buy them and stick them away for five years. When you pull them out after and put them on ebay he hopes you will thank him for making you rich!

Photo by Peter Dirlis

I took a compact that my grandmother gave me in 1998 to the event and had so much fun using it to powder my nose with Elizabeth Hurley!  I’ll be able to put that video interview up here soon!  She gave us some etiquette advice that I can’t wait to share with you!

Anyway, back to the archives…..

Images courtesy of Estee Lauder Archives

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