Rules for Mothers of Girls

While on holiday this summer we were able to take a photo of Four generations of girls on my Instagram.

Back in January of 2012 I posted a beautiful write up by Tab Studer with 25 rules for Mothers of Sons.
At the time, I didn’t dream that I would be the Mother of a Daughter as well!  Well, Tab Studer’s friend Sarah at Diapers and Daisies Blog has written her own 25 rules for Mothers of Daughters and it is just as lovely!  Click here to read it. 

I am feeling inspired to write my own rules!

A few that come to the top of my mind:

Teach her to celebrate the little things.  My mother always went “all out” to remind us to make the most of every moment.  It is important to cherish life’s special occasions but don’t forget to celebrate every day occasions as well.

Admire God’s beauty.  My Grandmother is so good at this one and I want to pass it down to my daughter.  There isn’t a flower or an interesting cloud that my Grandmother doesn’t acknowledge. I hope that my daughter remembers to appreciate these natural beauties as well.

-Have an attitude of gratitude.  I try my best with this one but I hope I can model this for her as she grows.  I once read that writing a Thank You note to someone every night as part of a bed time ritual can help!  I have my son write notes for gifts he receives but I think I would like to make it a nightly family project. It would be a great habit to instill in our children and a great reminder for me as well!

-Respect Traditions.  I have always loved honoring family traditions.  I carried the same bouquet as my grandmother at our wedding.  I want to do the needlework on the stockings for my kids just like my grandmother did.  I love that my mother makes sure Christmas Day is full of traditions, right down to getting oranges in our stockings just like she did when she was growing up.  I hope that my daughter cherishes these traditions as well.  Not only do I want her to pass them down to her children but I hope that she finds comfort in them just like I do.

I am going to keep working on my personal list of rules for being the mother of girl but I think I have a good start here.  What are your rules?

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