Party Skirts!

Well, you know how much I love a party, right?
Did you know that I love dressing the part for a party just as much?

Two of my favorite gals have created one of the most versatile party necessities ever and I feel like a proud “aunt.”  (Sort of too old to be their sister.  Too young to be their mother!)  Forget searching high and low for the perfect dress for your next event. The PartySkirt is super flattering and will steal the show. You can also forget about splurging on an outfit that you can only wear once!  The PartySkirt can be mixed and matched with all sorts of items and accessories in your closet.

Designers and sisters, Lauren and Mariel Armstrong, have been “playing” with my sisters since they were tiny tots.  The precious blonds were always ready to celebrate any occasion and they haven’t stopped as they have matured – thank goodness!

They have celebrated many special occasions with us in the perfect “looks” created with their party skirts. From the short gingham party skirts paired with button down blouses and cowboy boots at our ranch to floor length party skirts with fine knit black turtlenecks and heels at a black-tie debutante ball, they always show up ready for the occasion.

Their talented mother made the first skirt to fill a void in their wardrobes (I didn’t notice the void but I am glad they dreamed this up!) and now they are sold across the US and Canada.

All of this is to say…You need one.  Or maybe two or three.  

Oh, and don’t forget to follow them on the most adorable instagram feed every created!

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