Baby-time Beauty: My five favorites

My maternity beauty routine has had quite the ups and downs this time!  So many of the products that I used pre-pregnancy didn’t seem to do the trick anymore so I had to make some changes.  A few of the items below have stayed with me and some others I added in to help with some of me new beauty blunders!
I’ve been using this wonderful Oxygen Cream from Natura Bisse for years and I just love it.  It is light enough for my oily skin and I use it morning and night.  
I always use Johnson’s baby lotion and now I am stocking my bathroom and the nursery! 
My friend, Barbara Arnondin, the author of the amazing Metroplex Baby blog gave me this wonderful oil and love it!  I am on bottle number 2 and I put it everywhere that seems to be “stretching.”

I can’t get enough of this Natura Bisse hand cream right now.  I bought a fresh tube to keep beside my bed at the hospital when the baby comes!

Sleeping is not coming easily but I love lavender essential oil.  I rub a tiny bit on my temples or put a few drops on a tissue in my pillow and it helps me fall in to a sweet slumber in spite of my discomfort!

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  1. Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife on June 13, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    Being in my forth month of pregnancy these products are going to be a blessing!

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