Tablescape Tuesday- How to Decorate Your Table

We are loving this how-to story on Oprah about decorating your table for the holidays. 
Here are some of my very favorite tips from the story that you should keep in mind when you decorate your table this season. 

Skip the Sunset Tones

“If you’re hosting a fall party, don’t feel obligated to use the usual red, orange and yellow. Try unexpected pairings of khaki and rose, pomegranate and camel (seen here), amethyst and moss, chartreuse and chocolate or forest green and terra-cotta. The key is to balance a brighter tone with a duller one, at the opposite end of the color spectrum, in order to get a sense of the season without it feeling predictable.”

—Danielle Rollins, author of Soiree: Entertaining with Style 

Invite Your China to Meet Some New Friends

“Mix and match your china and flatware. You can pair your fancier dishes with vintage plates, fun rattan chargers or melamine salad plates to have a colorful, fun look that doesn’t feel too stuffy.” 

Think Beyond the Dining Table
“For a warm and welcoming atmosphere, I decorate the dining table and the dining room. Greenery, autumn leaves, twigs, pumpkins and squash, accented with strings of tiny white lights, adorn the top of my china cabinet, bookcases and, most importantly, the mantel over the hearth. They create an overall effect that is both seasonal and hospitable—the perfect reception for guests!” 
Top to Bottom Lisa RomereinCarla Ten Eyck
You can read the entire story here

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