Monogram Monday – Sandcastles

We left our beach holiday yesterday and, although it feels so good to be home, I will miss our daily beach walks.  On one of them, my sister and I came across this fantastic monogrammed sandcastle!  I knew it would be perfect for our monogram monday post so I ran back and grabbed my camera to snap these photos.

Isn’t that precious!
Here is a detail of the monogram made from marbles:

And, just for fun, here are two little shots from inside the cottage.  We made a little collage near the entrance of photos from previous summers.  The sunsets are incredible and we take a photo of it almost every night!
On the mantle, a small collection of nautical antiques are displayed.

The rest of the house is filled with piles of books and games and big messes of toys so I can only share two photos!  
Photos taken on Instagram! 

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