I Heart Blue and White – Our Master Bedroom

I thought it might be fun to share a few images from our home with you!  I wanted you to see how I live with Blue and White:  
Designer Jan Showers helped us select the perfect shade of pale blue for our bedroom.  She also designed the canopy to cover up two awkward windows on either side of the bed. We hung a pair of antique mirrors, purchased at the flea market in Paris, over the fabric but behind the bedside tables to give the illusion of a window.  Justin and I both love the read so the bedside tables are typically covered in piles of books and magazines! It is funny to see the bedside tables so tidy!

 A piece by artist Rusty Scruby hangs over the white console, adding textural interest to the master bedroom.
Lola, our Chihuahua, in her favorite spot.  So sweet. 
Interior Design: Jan Showers and Assoc.
Art: Rusty Scruby
Stylist: Gretchen Leigh Clark for Jan Showers and Assoc.

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